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Making Hatton Garden sparkle

Hatton Garden BID Hatton Garden Party 2018 Celebrating this London gem On Thursday 5th July London’s historic diamond district hosted the 2018 Hatton Garden Party – with pop-up markets and poets, jugglers, jewellers and fizz. When Hatton Garden BID engaged us in April to establish and amplify its brand voice, the team flagged the July

Operating Plan

University of London Operating Plan Plan the work, work the plan. Each year the University of London presents its Operating Plan to all staff members. The document outlines its aims and objectives for the next 12 months and contains individual targets for each of its departments - key information that staff need to refer to

Victoria Westminster Partnership Website

Victoria Westminster Partnership Website development Following in the footsteps of success Victoria Westminster is a business-led partnership formed to support businesses and economic growth and to create a vibrant destination for those who work, visit or live in the area. Building on the success of the Victoria Business Improvement District which was founded in 2010,

The post-millennial prospectus

Anglia Ruskin University Undergraduate Prospectus 2018/19 Rethinking print for the iGeneration Does the prospectus have a place in the digital age? Can print reach a generation raised on social media, smart phones and apps? Only if you are willing to throw everything up in the air and start from scratch…which is exactly what we did

Street Life

Hudson Fuggle Street Life Shoreditch art trail With temperatures hitting nearly 32c someone thought it a great idea for us to pound the mean streets of Shoreditch in search of elusive street art. To assist those who didn’t know their Banksy from their Botticelli we called upon Alternative London to show us around. With their

Heart of London Business Alliance website

Heart of London Heart of London Business Alliance website Translating the essence of a thriving area into an online space. When we were asked to create a website for the Heart of London Business Alliance, we faced an intriguing challenge: how do you bring unprecedented clarity and functionality to an online space that also needs

Brand campaign

University of Southampton Brand campaign Rallying a university behind a compelling story. What happens when a large and well-respected academic institution recognises that a solid reputation, sound values and a strong visual identity aren’t enough to stand out in a crowded and highly competitive marketplace? That’s when you unleash the power of a good story.

Flipping Marvellous

Hudson Fuggle Flipping Marvellous The Hudson Fuggle flippers are proud to have achieved a credible third place in the annual Flipping Marvellous Pancake Race. Hosted and organised by our clients at London Bridge City, the event raises funds for London Bubble – a charity in South East London which creates inspirational and inclusive theatre within