Team London Bridge

London Bridge plan

Presenting a collective vision and strategy for the local area.

Thriving commercial areas such as London Bridge, where the business community dwarfs the residential population by around 10:1, have every reason to involve local businesses in the way change is planned and managed in their neighbourhood. 

Team London Bridge Business Improvement District (BID) was tasked by Southwark Council to consult on, and inform, the relevant local section of their borough-wide ‘New Southwark Plan’ over an 18-month period, through a series of workshops, surveys, site visits and online forums.  

The results were compiled into a comprehensive report, which gives invaluable local context to the key issues of transport, competitiveness, employment, environment, and CSR, and takes inspiration from successes in urban placemaking around the world to inform future planning.

Our job was to set out the strategic approach to conserving and enhancing the unique identity of the area in a highly accessible, informative and engaging publication. Using a large A3 format allowed us to include detailed maps and showcase high-quality photography and CGIs, while the introduction of colour-coding helped user navigation.