Month: September 2015

Big Ben visit

Hudson Fuggle Big Ben visit On the last Friday of each month, we try to finish work a little earlier than usual, give the studio a quick hoover and head out somewhere interesting. In the past, we have been to the IMAX Cinema, Tate Modern and a local glassblowing workshop, but this outing topped the

The Italian Job

Husdon Fuggle The Italian Job The Hudson Fuggle firm has just pulled off its own ‘Italian Job’ in three beautiful, vintage Mini Coopers. When the Minis arrived outside the studio, we were instructed to don bright blue boiler suits and tweed flat caps. With the gold stashed away in the boot, each team had to

Cohort study branding

Institute of Education Cohort study branding Reconnecting with young adults to plan policies for the future. Responsible for running several of Britain’s internationally renowned birth cohort studies, the Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS) is an Economic and Social Research Council resource centre based at the UCL, Institute of Education, London. Its studies follow groups of

White Water Rapids

Hudson Fuggle White Water Rapids July saw the Hudson Fuggle crew taking to the high seas – well, the White Water Rapids at Lea Valley Park, to be exact. The morning involved building and racing our own rafts, before taking to the rapids in marginally more stable craft. It was a lot of fun, the

The Celebration of September

Hudson Fuggle The Celebration of September The Rugby World Cup begins on the 18th of September Richard Lindon and William Gilbert started making balls for Rugby school out of hand stitched, four panel, leather casings and pigs' bladders.