Middlesex University London

Student recruitment campaign

Standing out in a crowded market

Middlesex University London is a global institution with a vision of co-creating fairer, healthier and more sustainable societies.

Without a recognisable name or location, Middlesex was struggling with a lack of visibility in an increasingly competitive marketplace – not helped by COVID-19 curtailing all face-to-face activity in 2020.

The university needed an integrated student recruitment campaign that could address multiple audiences, while dovetailing with its 2031 strategy, Knowledge into Action.

We devised a modular campaign to fuel a dialogue between prospective students and Middlesex, inviting young people to take the lead in their journey into Higher Education.

The campaign required a flexible approach to messaging, built around four key elements:

– Active verbs derived from the 2031 strategy
– Supporting evidence to bring Knowledge into Action to life
– Questions to keep the conversation going
– Multiple taglines that shift with the campaign.

With the messaging framework in place, we brought the campaign to life across a range of digital, social, print and experiential marketing materials.

Six months in, our campaign has shown it has the capacity to address all Middlesex audiences at each stage of the recruitment process

“A big thank you to the Hudson Fuggle team for your work on our 2022 campaign. We had a fantastic start to UCAS Fair season this March. Fantastic visuals, great concepts – we definitely stood out!”

Arturs Krasnovs, Head of Student Marketing & Campaigns at Middlesex University