City, University of London

Undergraduate Prospectus 2023/24

A printed prospectus for a digital world

Whilst the majority of key, undergraduate recruitment information resides online, there still remains an unwavering demand for a printed prospectus. In response to this, City, University of London asked us to create a stripped back, harder working document centred around its commitment to social responsibility.

Starting out, we already knew that today’s undergraduate audience were adept researchers with the ability to rapidly scan top-line messaging in pursuit of access points to deeper levels of information. It was no longer necessary, or appropriate, to present information in a traditional, linear sequence. This meant that longer stories could be punctuated with infographics and short bursts of additional information that always offered onward journeys in the form of URLs, social handles or QR codes.

City’s five social responsibility themes were introduced via a series of double-page spreads. Each spread featured a student and used their individual experiences to highlight the themes of sustainability, equality, internationalism, wellbeing and careers. Content throughout the introduction was then edited and grouped around these themes.

Gritty photography by Sophia Carey gave the prospectus a more grounded, authentic feel that portrayed City’s students as ambitious people determined to make a difference. Student profiles were deliberately shot outside of the campus to reflect the diverse urban fabric of City’s location.

The new prospectus not only fulfils the criteria required of a printed document in a digital world but promotes City’s strong social purpose that resonates with today’s demanding undergraduate audience.