Month: August 2015

Brand identity

Pinnacle Group Brand identity Connecting the disparate divisions of a large organisation with a strong yet flexible visual identity. The Pinnacle Group of companies (or Pinnacle Regeneration Group) was founded at a time when government policy encouraged private investment into what had traditionally been publically funded services such as utilities, transport, schools and housing. Driven

Rebranding project

Team London Bridge Brand identity Adopting a dynamic approach to the provision of local services. Despite winning a mandate from local businesses to develop and promote a thriving corner of the capital, the London Bridge Business Improvement District (BID) found that its stakeholders were still questioning why they had to pay extra for services they

Rebranding project

LAMDA Rebranding project Can a rebrand satisfy all the people, all of the time? It’s not surprising to find one of Britain’s most cherished drama schools under pressure to satisfy the expectations of diverse and demanding audiences. When your stakeholders range from raw students to pillars of the profession, it can be hard to retain