Team London Bridge

Brand identity

Adopting a dynamic approach to the provision of local services.

Despite winning a mandate from local businesses to develop and promote a thriving corner of the capital, the London Bridge Business Improvement District (BID) found that its stakeholders were still questioning why they had to pay extra for services they thought the local council should be providing. Clarification was urgently needed.

Our research revealed that a dedicated and resourceful team was handicapped by its unwieldy name and ambiguous image. We came up with a dynamic new brand story, name and identity, which we then began imprinting on the public consciousness. Increasing our client’s visibility meant that every facet of the operation now communicated its mission to improve people’s quality of life. Team London Bridge would be impossible to ignore.

Some things haven’t changed. Team London Bridge is still helping to create cleaner, safer streets and promoting tourism and commerce in the area. But, where once invisibility encouraged apathy or resistance, there is now awareness of the value of contributing to the upkeep of the district. A culture of open communication keeps the emphasis on tangible achievements and this award-winning BID has been re-elected for a second five-year period.