Heart of London

Heart of London Business Alliance website

Translating the essence of a thriving area into an online space.

When we were asked to create a website for the Heart of London Business Alliance, we faced an intriguing challenge: how do you bring unprecedented clarity and functionality to an online space that also needs to reflect the unique vibrancy of London’s internationally renowned West End?

Representing two Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) – Piccadilly & St James’s and Leicester Square – the Heart of London Business Alliance brings together 500 businesses and 100 property owners with responsibility for the continuing success of a global destination. Hampered by an outdated website, our client not only needed to more effectively connect its members to each other and to its services, but also to engage with key business audiences in advance of a re-ballot in March 2017.

Our solution was to create a crisp, dynamic, mobile-responsive website that would act as a central communication portal for BID stakeholders. Each section of the content-heavy site was streamlined and made easier to navigate, while a natural desire to regularly update information was matched by an appreciation of the value of clear, accessible communication.

The heartoflondonbid.london homepage now acts as a ‘shop window’ to the rest of the site, featuring a scrolling carousel to highlight stories, as well as displaying the latest membership offers, weekly footfall indicators and news and events in a way that encourages user engagement.

Like the thriving area it seeks to promote, the Heart of London website is already a hive of activity. We believe that its success will arise from applying sound design principles to harness that energy.