University of London

Operating Plan

Plan the work, work the plan.

Each year the University of London presents its Operating Plan to all staff members. The document outlines its aims and objectives for the next 12 months and contains individual targets for each of its departments – key information that staff need to refer to throughout the year.

Whilst previous Plans took the form of a conventional brochure, research had shown that after browsing the information, staff tended to file them away – forever.

Our brief: to create a Plan that was engaging, encouraged repeat viewing and wouldn’t spend its life at the back of a drawer!

Our solution: to completely re-think the format and the way in which the information was presented.

The new, wiro-bound Plan has been created to live on desktops with information divided into bold, colour-coded themes and all targets clearly displayed. Over the year engagement with the Plan has increased, with staff being far more aware of the organisation’s overall aims and objectives as well as their own . Success can be visibly measured by the amount of Plans taking pride of place on desks throughout the University.