London Bridge City

Christmas by the River 2019

Going off-piste

The Christmas market business is booming and every inch of the capital wants a piece of the action. So how do you cut through the noise to make yours the destination of choice?

London Bridge City’s (LBC) festive offer has grown in both scale and reputation over the past three years. Part of the wider By the River brand created by Hudson Fuggle in 2017, it brings new audiences to the estate each winter and reaffirms its status as an iconic riverside destination. Our challenge is keeping the brand fresh.

All of our Christmas by the River campaigns start with a story – a big idea which goes on to inspire a visual identity, branding, content and activation. This year, for the first time, we conceived the Christmas campaign as the continuation of our 2019 Summer by the River narrative – inviting the jet set to join us on the piste in an elegant winter retreat.

Featuring illustrations inspired by mid-century New Yorker covers and a crisp, pastel palette, the identity is designed to be a breath of fresh air in an increasingly overcrowded space.

Anyone for après ski?

“Eat, drink and be merry at this picture-perfect event at
London Bridge City.”

Sheer Luxe