Victoria BID

Website development

Creating an online presence for a busy quarter of the capital.

Established in 2010, Victoria Business Improvement District (BID) is an elected body that represents businesses in the area, giving them a voice and ensuring that they cooperate to develop Victoria as a better place to work, live and visit.

BIDs are re-elected every five years and, in the run-up to their renewal ballot, we were brought in by the Victoria BID team to build support for the renewal of its mandate.

The rigid structure of the previous BID website did not clearly show everything that Victoria has to offer, so it was vital to develop a new site that would highlight the tangible benefits of the BID teams’ work, as well as showcasing the area.

The new website introduces its five key work themes through infographics that link to case studies and downloadable project pdfs. The content-rich site is a one-stop destination for information on the area, featuring an interactive map and a directory of local businesses, and highlighting forthcoming events.

Creating a more transparent and approachable web presence for the BID enabled us to support the re-election campaign with a winning blend of clear information and dynamic personality. Following the launch of the website and a vigorous publicity campaign, the ballot saw the Victoria BID successfully re-elected, with 85.4% of votes cast in favour of keeping up the good work.