Team London Bridge

Culture Strategy

Creating a stage for the capital

Team London Bridge recently launched a Cultural Strategy with the aim of bringing businesses and cultural organisations together to ensure the area remains a vital part of our capital.

We were asked to create a document that reflected the prestige and unique nature of this initiative. It had to provide the casual browser with a top-line overview of the Strategy and interested parties with the details of each planned project.

Our solution, devised in collaboration with our friends at BEEP Studio, is a brochure in two parts. The overview features a die-cut cover with the words ‘London Bridge’ made up of distinctive architectural shapes from around the area. Text pages consist of full-bleed images of locations where projects are planned to happen. In complete contrast, the Culture Delivery Plan – which provides the detail and serves as an instruction manual for the Strategy, is printed in a single colour on a heavily recycled stock.

We bound the two documents together with an elasticated band, ensuring that anyone who picks it up can find out everything they want or need to about this significant cultural initiative.