The Guards Museum


Revealing London’s secret weapon

Tucked away in Wellington Barracks, just a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace, The Guards Museum tells the story of the five regiments of Foot Guards who have protected the Sovereign and Royal Palaces for over 360 years.

The museum is completely self-funded, so relies heavily on ticket admissions to survive. In such a cloistered location, the key to attracting new visitors is through a strong online presence. The only problem? It didn’t have one. Instead its website was dated, overpopulated and difficult to navigate.

Our mission was to design a website that showcases why this treasure trove of British military memorabilia is a ‘must-see’ for domestic and international visitors alike.

Rethinking the site from the ground up, we streamlined the assets and prioritised the user journey to better showcase the collection. Important visitor information was made more accessible and additional revenue streams such as hospitality and VIP tours were given their own dedicated pages on the site to improve visibility.

We redesigned the news and events section to increase visitor engagement. We also simplified site administration to ensure easy maintenance by the in-house team.

Clean lines and iconic imagery bring all of these elements together and set the right tone as a reminder that the museum honours those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.