The Northbank BID

The Northbank BID Website

One website, two audiences

London’s Northbank – a world-class destination and a highly effective Business Improvement District (BID). But can both stories coexist within a single website? We saw the challenges and faced them down with research, iteration and many, many wireframes. 

When we inherited The Northbank BID website, it was content heavy and difficult to navigate, having grown organically over time. Now in its second term, the BID wanted a stronger platform on which to showcase both the benefits of its work and the landmarks and attractions within its impressive footprint.

In response, we developed a simple yet effective homepage with two discrete calls to action – Discover the BID or Explore the Area. With everything cascading down from these entry points, BID members and visitors alike can now find the content they want through common-sense navigation.

The design is crisp, intuitive and mobile first – bringing a sense of place to the Northbank site, while also celebrating the breadth of initiatives that the BID is known for.