Husdon Fuggle

The Italian Job

The Hudson Fuggle firm has just pulled off its own ‘Italian Job’ in three beautiful, vintage Mini Coopers.

When the Minis arrived outside the studio, we were instructed to don bright blue boiler suits and tweed flat caps. With the gold stashed away in the boot, each team had to navigate their getaway driver through the streets of London.

In addition, there was a photo challenge that required us to get ourselves photographed at a number of key locations – usually doing something rather embarrassing. Needless to say, between making complete idiots of ourselves and running around like headless chickens, we were all left quite red-faced by the end of the day.

For members of the team who are still relatively new to London, it was the perfect way to learn about the capital’s history in a quirky and exciting way.

It’s a fantastically fun day out and we would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about London’s hidden history while rocking a blue boiler suit like a latter-day Michael Caine.