The 2021 Agenda campaign

Engaging future engineers

Engineers are at the heart of mankind’s greatest innovations and so addressing the current international shortage is vital. Enter TEDI-London, a new HE engineering startup, to do just that – daring students and industry partners to think differently.

Founded by Arizona State University, King’s College London and UNSW-Sydney, TEDI-London wants to recruit 125 students for September 2021 who will go on to change the world.

The odds are stacked against it.

Whilst its founding partners have exceptional standing, TEDI-London has no graduate success stories, no National Student Survey results. And only three weeks after its February launch, COVID-19 locked down all UCAS recruitment events and school outreach opportunities for the foreseeable future.

Aware of the challenges ahead, the team asked Hudson Fuggle to help them achieve their  ambitious enrolment targets and bring the brand to life.

We delivered The 2021 Agenda.

A campaign designed to realise TEDI-London’s vision of changing the face of engineering education.

The big idea

A bold and disruptive campaign, The 2021 Agenda is designed to tap into what matters most to its target audiences and move them along the student recruitment journey.

Launched in April 2020 with a teaser film on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, it urges followers to tell TEDI-London (through video submissions, blogs, polls etc.) which global issues have the biggest impact on their lives and why future engineers should tackle them.

To widen campaign reach, we have since shared a steady stream of original content, featuring provocative statements and stats, as well as third-party vox pops to build momentum and encourage debate. We have also fuelled engagement through virtual panel discussions and contributions from sector influencers, industry partners and leading academics. All of the content shared is designed to drive prospective students to the website to discover how they can be part of the solution (spoiler alert: by studying at TEDI-London).

The engagement phase of this campaign closes in spring with the release of The 2021 Agenda Report, which will serve as a proto-prospectus, a conversation starter and a lobbying tool. Off the back of this report, TEDI will launch a series of virtual hackathons, inviting young people to explore ways of addressing the issues raised – with the aim of converting interest in these events into applications for 2021.

Is it working?
To date, the campaign has generated:

  • 95k+ views of the teaser film
  • 9k+ unique page views (over 12% of the total unique website views)
  • 164% increase in TEDI-London’s social following (with LinkedIn and Instagram increasing by 260% and 780% respectively)
  • 150+ sign-ups to The 2021 Agenda mailing list.

And interest and engagement continue to grow.