University of Roehampton

Student recruitment campaign

Attracting an international audience with helpful advice and information.

Tasked with creating an international recruitment campaign for the University of Roehampton, we took inspiration from an established tradition of extending a warm welcome to overseas students from the moment they make contact with the University.

Focusing on a number of students from around the world, the campaign told the story of their personal journeys to Roehampton. The student experience, London location and an outstanding campus set in 54 acres of parkland formed the cornerstones of a campaign fuelled by student Instagram images connected by a dedicated hashtag.

We also created a brochure providing guidance and advice on studying overseas, a series of posters and off- and online advertising that leads to a microsite where people can engage directly with the featured students to find out more about their experiences.

The microsite also gives users the opportunity to download the brochure, view students’ Instagram photos and see where in the world other Roehampton students are travelling from.