City, University of London

Postgraduate Prospectus 2021/22

Making connections to deliver impactful communication.

In spring 2020, we were given the opportunity to create a fresh, accessible and hardworking prospectus to recruit the 2021/22 City, University of London postgraduate cohort. And there was an added challenge: do it all during lockdown.

City’s postgraduate audience has distinctive expectations and needs, requiring a creative approach that focuses on the direct impact of continuing study, both on the life of the student and on the wider world.

Bringing urgency and depth to the University’s postgraduate proposition, the new prospectus opens with a compelling insight into the impact of City’s research and the benefits of its London location. This segues naturally into pages covering staples such as career support, work experience and student lifestyle.

Case studies, testimonials, infographics and performance statistics feature prominently, providing prospective students with hard evidence of City’s positive impact on the prospects of its graduates and on the lives of the people helped by its research.

The result is a prospectus that’s already positively impacting City’s postgraduate marketing, with staff and students welcoming the focus on impact and ‘campaigning’ tone. It provides a template for future material that will resonate with postgraduate students facing an uncertain employment marketplace and a world that is urgently in need of their energy and expertise.

As for producing a prospectus in lockdown, it’s easy to focus on the frustrations of working remotely and being unable to sit around a table and share ideas. But we succeeded by staying connected and ensuring that we supported each other and the client, kept on track and maintained momentum.

We’re back in the studio now, but who knows how many more projects will be affected by the lingering effects of the pandemic? What we do know is that we took a substantial project from pitch to delivery during a period of unprecedented disruption and uncertainty, and we’re hoping that the experience puts us in a strong position to deal with whatever comes next.