Hudson Fuggle

2018 Calendar

Making a scene

Aside from writing resolutions and fearing the inevitable struggle of Dry January, the approach of 2018 meant only one thing for us Hudson Fugglers…#NewYearNewMe or more accurately the New Year new calendar!

This year we drew inspiration from the distinguished botanist and entomologist Dr Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward and his Victorian invention; the terrarium.

With our theme decided, we got in touch with our friends at Jar and Fern who happen to specialise in all things terrarial*. A session at the wonderful and aptly titled Re-creation in Borough plunged us ankle-deep in glue, scissors, plants and dirt, as we formed our own little worlds.

Some of our bottled worlds are still living, though others have since suffered something of an ecological disaster!

If your desk currently has a terrarium-shaped hole in it then get in touch and be the envy of your colleagues! We’ve got about 7 left.

*terrarial is not a real word. But it should be, if only so that everything that’s not in a terrarium could be described by scientists as extra-terrarial.