Hudson Fuggle

2022 Calendar

Tales from the river bank

Our latest calendar has been dredged straight from the murky waters of Neckinger creek; our own little corner of SE1 that, back in day, was described as ‘the very capital of cholera and ‘the Venice of drains’. We prefer to call it… home.

To the untrained eye, it doesn’t look much. The tide seems to be out most of the time – but when it returns our collective pulse starts to race.

You see, Old Father Thames always brings something back from his travels. Mostly plastic, sometimes wood, occasionally… other’. London’s debris, a continual source of surprise and inspiration that’s simply too good to resist.

So, after much fishing, trawling and combing, this year’s calendar has been crafted from the feast of flotsam that arrives on our doorstep each day.

If you’d like a copy of our tidal tribute to 2022, delivered direct to your desk from the cholera capital, get in touch.

Don’t let this opportunity drift away.