Hudson Fuggle

2019 Calendar

Hanging around

We kept the lamps burning late into the night last winter as we crafted and created, balanced and adjusted our miniature masterpieces for the 2019 Hudson Fuggle calendar.

This year’s theme? Mobiles. Multiple elements combining in finely-tuned equilibrium to create art and polyphony. (Sounds familiar).

And so, in a zen-like state of calm, we descended upon the lovely people at Tea and Crafting in Covent Garden, bearing gifts of glue, string, fishing wire and bingo balls.

Lots of bingo balls.

However, with only one day to create our masterpieces, things soon began to get a little fraught. We’d read that mobiles bring a calming influence to any room. Sadly this didn’t seem to apply to the making of them and, while our collective aura remained a thing of beauty, there were… moments. (Sounds even more familiar).

You’ll no doubt be pleased to hear that some of our mobiles still hang proudly above the heads of their creators in the studio – little karmic carousels to soothe the soul throughout the year. (Others would fail even the most casual health and safety regulations).

Turn a small corner of your world into a temple of tranquility with this year’s Hudson Fuggle calendar. Better hurry though – we’ve got about six left.