Hudson Fuggle

The 2021 Calendar

A do-it-yourself guide

As a concept, 2020 sounded great – perfect vision, possibility, focus. In reality, it was the year in which everything was cancelled, flour was like gold dust and Tiger King reigned supreme.

Not to be blindsided a second time, we took matters into our own hands for 2021 – addressing some of the world’s less pressing problems in a calendar created from the safety of our kitchen tables.

Armed with cardboard, paint, glue and Playdough, we set out to provide practical solutions to twelve of the many things that went wrong in 2020. Spectators banned from sports? Place our handy Mexican wave device in front of your television for instant participation. No Boat Race? No problem. Grab some guttering, a couple of origami boats and just add water.

Each calendar features a bespoke cover hand-cut from the team’s Christmas stash of Coco Pops, shortbread petticoat tails and Iceland party platters. The personal touch is everything in our vision of a brighter, better and vigorously sanitised 2021.

“The calendar has become something of an institution at
Hudson Fuggle and 2021’s was the perfect excuse to stick two fingers
up to everything that had been ruined in 2020.”